Folio Mini- 31 Night Street Print/Cut & SVG

Folio Mini- 31 Night Street Print/Cut & SVG
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This purchase includes - Print/Cut & SVG files to create the 31 Night Street Folio. 


You will need the following to create this project:

1. Tutorial - Foto Folios Minis 1 (this is style 1)

This assembly process for this folio is exactly the same as the Foto Folios Minis 1 Style 1.  You will Print and/or Cut the files and assemble according to the tutorial for Foto Folio Minis 1 Style 1 Folio

2. 31 Night Street paper collection (hardcopy or digital).  This paper collection is optional.  You can use any Halloween paper collection you like.  However, please remember that that embellishment match the same decorative style in 31 Night Street

3. An electronic cutting machine (Cricut or Cameo)

4. Color Printer


How do I access my purchase?

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Emails come from the following email address:

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Please understand that if you choose to watch the videos directly from you will encounter buffering continuously. This will be very frustrating if you are trying to work on a project.


Do I have to create an account with

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