Everyday Kit Club 20 Classic Man

Everyday Kit Club 20 Classic Man
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Everyday Kit Club #20 

Classic Man!


Definition of Classic man

Classic Man: pronoun. The definition of classic man is someone of the highest rank, that acts as a stable model or standards, has lasting worth. 


Let's create a keepsake for the man in our life. 

EKC20 will be all about projects designed to highlight the men in our lives!

 The projects will characterize a classic man, as the everyday man who contributed
in forming  the special events in our lives.  


Remember that my projects are always unique and offer the
Paper Phenomenon twist!

 Paper collections: 7 Dots Studio's DreamScape, Writers Block and Hazy Days!

 WHAT'S INCLUDED in purchase: 

  • A project kit per month (3 total) loaded with all the goodies required to create the project
  • Access to the Project folder on Box.com which has: Tutorials & instruction videos for all 3 monthly projects PLUS the 3 bonus projects!


  • Kit club price for all 3 kits is $250 PLUS shipping per kit
    • Shipping PER KIT is (currently) $13 for US customers, $47 for Canadian customers and $65 for most other International customers (Australia, New Zealand & Spain is $73).
    • Shipping for all 3 kits will be charged via PayPal soon after you place your order as kits are shipping soon! 



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